Model: Emily Ferris

Emily Ferris is so fun and easy to work with - like a Hill Country cool breeze. We shot these at my casa. It was so fun to create the look for this shoot and for a model to trust my vision like Emily does. In her words, “Oh, I always trust the photographer.” That really elevates a photographer’s creativity for sure! Trust is a big deal when shooting on both ends. We had fun playing with props from my happy place Hobby Lobby. Emily is pretty prolific with modeling and her instagram is stunning! Go like her and follow her on all social platforms… @emmofe on Twitter, @emmofe on IG and her website: <3 

One Love -Am

Model: Yelena

I have been working with Yelena Laningham since Dec 2015 and every time magic has happened. Yelena, like the other creatives I hang out with, is so fun to work with! She has a director’s mind and a creative heart. Yelena’s website is located here —>

Model: Keanna Pohl

Keanna Pohl has been instrumental in helping me find my style regarding photography. She is a consummate professional and a delight to create with. I believe I have tested her ability to be flexible on a shoot (to the extreme) in all types of terrain and weather and she never complains. Her enthusiasm on location drives the shoot into an elevated magical experience.

Model: May Sun

May Sun is a poet and vocalist based in Austin, Texas. She is the lead singer for her current project Mojo House, which is where I started shooting her (on the stages of Austin). I was very grateful that she stepped off stage and agreed to explore Austin’s urban playground together. May is a pleasure to work with -a natural. No stress, no seeds, no sticks…

Our setting was a random swing hung under a bridge on Tillery Street in East Austin.

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