Amberly Russell
Digital Media

Preservation Services

Permanent Legacy Foundation


As the Preservation Services Manager for the Permanent Legacy Foundation, I undertook the monumental task of building, designing, and developing the Preservation Services department from the ground up. This encompassed a comprehensive range of services including restoration, digitization, oral history capture, format conversion, metadata capture and migration, as well as the creation of digital archives.

To ensure the success of this endeavor, I conducted extensive market research to gain a deep understanding of the existing preservation services landscape. This allowed me to identify key opportunities and tailor our offerings to meet the specific needs of our target audience.

A pivotal aspect of my role involved becoming an expert ambassador for the platform. I collaborated closely with the member experience team to pinpoint areas for high return-on-investment improvements, enhancing the platform's functionality and user experience.

To further bolster our services, I actively engaged with professional communities and attended conferences that provided valuable insights into the evolving preservation landscape. This not only informed our service model but also facilitated client outreach and served as a source of professional support and supplementary services.

Utilizing the insights gathered from market research, I guided the design, development, and delivery of preservation services, leveraging the capabilities of This approach not only ensured the relevance and effectiveness of our offerings but also positioned us as industry leaders in the preservation space.

In parallel, I focused on revenue generation through the delivery of high-quality preservation services for our clients. Actively soliciting feedback, I initiated iterative improvements to enhance the quality and sustainability of our services, creating a feedback loop that drove continuous enhancement.

To expand our reach, I designed grassroots marketing campaigns that leveraged personal networks and word-of-mouth referrals, alongside scalable strategies such as social media and search-based advertising. This multi-pronged approach proved instrumental in establishing a strong client base for our preservation services, which has now become self-sustaining.

Reflecting on this journey, I gained invaluable insights into my own capabilities and the intricacies of building a fee-for-service model within a non-profit organization. From the initial pitch to the foundation founder to the actual establishment of the department, I navigated uncharted territory, honing my sales skills and relishing in the process of building and launching this transformative service. This experience has not only enriched my professional repertoire but has also reaffirmed my passion for driving meaningful change within the preservation landscape.

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