Preservation Services

Permanent Legacy Foundation



Build, design, and develop the Preservation Services department for Permanent Legacy Foundation that includes, but is not limited to restoration, digitization, oral history capture, format conversion, metadata capture and migration, digital archive creation, etc.

Conduct ongoing market research to understand the existing preservation services landscape

Become an expert ambassador for the platform and collaborate with the member experience team to identify high return-on-investment improvements

Participate in professional communities/conferences that would help inform service model, reach clients, or serve as professional support or supplemental services

Conduct and use market research, to inform the design, development and delivery of preservation services that leverage

Deliver revenue-generating preservation services for clients, actively collect feedback, and iterate to improve the quality and sustainability of the services

Design grassroots marketing campaigns that leverage personal networks and word of mouth, as well as scalable social media and search based advertising

Build, sustain and grow a client base for preservation services that is self sustaining

My Role

I was the Preservation Services Manager and in charge of this project and responsible for all aspects of the scope above. 


This is my most recent job position and I have learned a lot about myself and how much it takes to build a fee for service within a non profit. From the inception where I pitched this project to the foundation founder, to the actual building of the department, and learning aspects of sales that I have never experienced before -I enjoyed building and launching this service. 

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