DSpace Repository: Overview and Instructional Video

Group Project - 2 members

UT Austin, Digital Libraries Class

Master of Science in Information Studies

This project was a group effort with two members who created a video review of DSpace, including local use cases, the evolution of DSpace over 18 years, and a comparison of the current and beta versions. 

We created this video together from a distance due to the pandemic using our computer cameras. If this were an instructional video for work I would have used my professional AV equipment. Still, I believe we were able to do a great job coordinating this instructional video in the middle of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. 

Aside from the importance of repositories, I learned that coordinating an instructional video remotely can be done as long as the communication between the team is consistent. I also learned how to be there for teammates during a world crisis while still getting our work done. I was responsible for creating the systems and instructional portion starting at the halfway point in this video, creating the slides, and editing this video in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

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