Public Speaking

Russell, Amberly, Dee Bartlett. Veterans Hour. KZSM San Marcos, 15 May 2022. Radio.

Russell, Amberly. Add VIP Services with Archival Science. Photo Managers Conference, 25 Mar. 2022, Public Speaking.

Russell, Amberly, Rachael Woody. Family Archiving with Permanent Legacy Foundation, 30 Sept. 2021, Webinar.

Russell, Amberly, Kaitlyn Jarnagin. Creating a Digital Archive with Maureen Taylor the Photo Detective, 13 Jan. 2022, Webinar.

Russell, Amberly. Zoomin on Ponga, Sharing Stories of Experiences in the Armed Forces, 15 Nov. 2021, Webinar.

Russell, Amberly. Creating a Digital Archive with, Podcast Ep. 161. Maureen Taylor the Photo Detective, 10 Jan. 2022, Podcast.

Russell, Amberly, Greg Ciotti. Reaching Those Who Served. KOOP, 91.7 FM, uploaded by Amberly Russell, 11 Sept. 2018, Radio.

Russell, Amberly. Lived Experiences of Veterans Panels, Spring/Fall Semesters 2016, Texas State University Freshman Seminar Series. Public Speaking.

Russell, Amberly. “Women Warriors: Popular Narrative and Women in Combat.” Texas State University, 2017. Thesis.

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