Health Insurance Literacy: Empowering Austin Musicians

The University of Texas at Austin 

Degree: Master of Science in Information Studies 

Class: Understanding Research, INF 397C

Type: Group Work, 4 members 

This was a team effort with four students in the MSIS program at UT Austin and we led a research project with qualitative and quantitative research methods about increasing healthcare literacy in the Austin music community based on needs from the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM). Please see our project poster and research methodology below! 

My Role

I led the qualitative analysis portion of this project using my networking skills in the Austin music community that I have been a part of behind the scenes for almost a decade. This involved scheduling interviews, creating interview questions, extensive research and literature reviews, coordinating with the quantitative analysis team for results and recommendations, interviewing Austin musicians, creating surveys, and collecting survey results for the quantitative team in our group. 


I love working with the Austin music community so much. I learned so much about how the lack of healthcare literacy effects the mental and physical health of our gig economy workers. We overcame many challenges with scheduling and if we were to publish this research I would have increased the limited sample size. 

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